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Physical Attributes Edit
The average gremlin is between 12'' and 15'' tall with a tail of equal length. They weigh 6 to 8 pounds when they reach adulthood. They have 4 arms, 2 legs with a total of 6 hands with opposable thumbs. They also have a prehensile tail. They have excellent tone detection, as well as darkvision, but have relatively poor eyesight while in sunlight. They have white and black fur that tends to turn yellow and gray as they get older.

Gremlins are asexual and can only reproduce by having two compatible adults share their genetic code with a Kysim powered maturation chamber to grow a new gremlin.

Gremlins have a genetic memory that allows them to pass practical skills and common knowledge to their offspring. However, due to an uncorrected flaw in the process, personal memories occasionally pass with the other information.

Culture and Religion Edit
Gremlins are a communist society with a firm hierarchy based on eugenic science. All gremlins have a strong genetic disposition towards deference to authority and self sacrifice. The carrying out of assigned tasks is central to gremlin culture, giving them an unnerving morality centered around the ends justifying the means. Gremlins tend to be good to their word simply because it's the most effective way to carry out their tasks.

Gremlin religion is based on a strong lingering respect for The Creators. They believe that all of the Creators died with the fall of Neibblelung, so their faith has little practical impact on their society.

History Edit
The first modern gremlin was created by the mages of Neibblelung in ID 7232 when the Council of Archmages decided that it it would be wise to use non-Kysim servitors to maintenance Kysim technology to best avoid catastrophic failure of the system. Within three years, gremlins were a common sight throughout all of Neibblelung.

In ID 7462 the curse of undeath spread across Neibblelung. Thankfully, the gremlins were immune to its effects. Most gremlins died that first night, eaten by the citizens of Neibblelung or the Half-Dead as they tried to carry out their assigned tasks. In a bold move, the Chief of Maintenance ordered an immediate cessation of all assigned tasks, and ordered all damage control teams to open the sluice ways to flood the city.

The Chief of Maintenance then led his displaced people south, where they found shelter in the fortress of Oldenberg. After their immediate situation was stabilized, the gremlins began repurposing labor golems into defense golems, attempting to hold the Oldenberg pass against the undead.

In the modern day, the gremlins of Oldenberg are the foremost suppliers of area defense automatons, interpreting their assigned task to be limiting the damage their cursed creators can cause to the world.

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